Ski Ranger


Ski full speed down snowy slopes


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Ski Ranger is a skiing game in which you control a forest ranger who loves participating in ski races along different tracks. Best of all, you can race alone or with several friends.

That means that Ski Ranger has more to offer than just one-player against the clock: you can race against up to three other players to see who is the fastest. And you can control the game using your keyboard, Xbox 360 controller, or even Kinect.

As you descend each mountain you'll find straightaways where you can show off how fast you are, jumps to attempt tricks off of, and even snowballs that you'll need to dodge to avoid. Everything has been created using the Unreal Engine to produce spectacular graphics.

Ski Ranger is a skiing game that leaves realism aside so that it can offer up a more enjoyable experience that is even better in the company of friends.
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